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Assigning a Job Function Directly

Learn how to assign a job function directly to a user. More information about IDM365 can be found on

Job functions are used to assign access permissions to users. There are several ways to assign a job function—the most basic way being to assign it directly from a list.

To find a job function to assign, type its name into the search field. If the name is common in the system, you may need to click enter or search to show the full list of results. Once you've found the correct one, select the job function from the list, and then select Assign to a User. Type the name or ID of the user into the Select User field. The user will only show up if the job function has not yet been assigned to them. Click the line showing the user, and then click OK. The user's profile card will open with the job function added. If the assignment is temporary, add an expiry date by using the Date Picker. A comment can also be added. If there are no special circumstances, simply click Done. The job function will then run its approval workflow before providing the user with the correct permissions.