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IDM365 Video Tutorials

A collection of how-to training videos that walk you through how to perform tasks in IDM365.

Editing a User's Basic Attributes

Learn how to make changes to a user's basic account information. More information about IDM365 can be found on

You can make changes to a user by opening their profile card.

To do so, type the user's name or ID into the Search bar. Click the line showing the user and select See Details to open their profile card.

A user’s basic account information is split up into two sections: Employment Details and Contact Information. Click on either of the tabs to open it, and then click the Edit button at the bottom part of the page. Make the changes as necessary. It is possible to click back and forth between these tabs while editing. The Cancel button allows you to go back without making your changes.

In the section for Contact Information, a photo can be added to the user’s profile which will be shown when they log in. Note that the user’s ID cannot be changed, as it is used to keep track of their account. Once all changes have been made, click Done to proceed to the Confirmation page which will show all the new values. To decide who will be notified regarding the changes, look in the Email Recipients section. Use the comments section to add information about the changes. Once everything is done, click Confirm to finalize the changes.