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IDM365 Video Tutorials

A collection of how-to training videos that walk you through how to perform tasks in IDM365.

Enabling a User

Learn how to enable a user. More information about IDM365 can be found on

If a user comes back after having their account disabled, you can enable it for them again on their profile card.

To enable a user, type their name or ID into the search bar. Click the line showing the user and select See Details to open their profile card. Click Enable User found at the bottom left in the tools section. If appropriate, type a comment for why the user is being enabled. Select the Reset Password option if the user needs a new password; then click OK and click OK again to confirm.

If the password is not being reset, the user will be enabled at this point; otherwise, a form will be shown with the main systems to which the user has access. The random password shown beside each system will be submitted as the new password. To complete the password reset, select each required system, change the new passwords manually if necessary, and then click Reset Password and click OK again to confirm..

To finish enabling the user, click OK, and then OK again to confirm.