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Managing a User's Job Functions

Learn how to manage the job functions assigned to a user. More information about IDM365 can be found on

The job functions assigned to a user control their access permissions. These can be managed on the user's profile card.

To manage a user's job functions, type their name or ID into the search field. Click the line showing the user and select Manage Job Functions to open their profile card to that section. If the user’s profile card is already open, simply click on the job functions tab to open it.

The user's current job functions will be listed with their status next to them. To see the assignment details of an existing job function, select it from the list. The start and expiry dates for most job functions can be changed by clicking on the link beside it and using the date picker. More information about the job function itself and its approval workflow can be seen by clicking ‘See Details’.

Regular job functions can be removed by selecting them and clicking ‘Remove’. However, basic job functions may be added automatically based on the user’s attributes. These basic job functions, often needed for login access, cannot be removed manually. If they need to be removed along with all other access, the user should be disabled or terminated instead.

Finally, click ‘Add a New Job Function’ to see the job functions available to the user if they require more access.